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Maricopa Superior Court Rulings
Minute Entry rulings of possible interest to appraisers

The links below will download a ZIP archive containing a collection of PDF Maricopa Superior Court rulings that contain certain phrases related to the appraisal profession; if you are interested in how local courts work with appraisers, valuation, and expert witnesses you may find this interesting.


- The larger files usually contain in-depth legal discussions while the short files are often not as interesting.
- Currently this only covers Civil cases - probate and tax courts aren't covered.

- 23 Rulings containing the phrase "expert witness appraiser" in past Maricopa minute entries

- 123 Rulings containing the phrase "fair market value appraiser" in past Maricopa minute entries

- 1,011 Rulings containing the phrase "appraisal" in past Maricopa minute entries

- 140 Rulings containing the phrase "diminution value" in past Maricopa minute entries

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Maricopa County Superior Court rulings - full text, searchable - see how appraisers and expert witenesses are used in trials